About Pilates of Amelia

pilates-of-amelia-diet-programPersonal fitness training and weight loss coaching together under one roof is a great concept. Add professional massage therapy and you’ve got a small piece of heaven on earth.

Owner/Certified Authentic Pilates Instructor™, Susan Gagnier, explains that she and her staff are trained to bring heath and wellness to their clients. For years clients have benefited from the strength, flexibility and postural support of Pilates exercise along with the stress relieving, muscular therapy of massage.

And now, celebrating over 10 years of Pilates and 6 years of massage therapy, the trainers, therapists and staff of Pilates of Amelia are excited to introduce the ITG Diet.

ITG “It’s the Greatest” Diet works 3 complete ways:
  • Plan: ITG 3 Step Plan is to get you to your healthy goal
  • Nutrition: Making sure you properly feed your body
  • Life: The knowledge to keep a healthy weight for the rest of your life

pilates-of-amelia-patient-roomWith the ITG Diet, we take the time to step you through each step of the weight loss process with education, nutritional information, tasty food and a dedicated coach. Our mission is simple…getting healthy, one pound at a time.

Finally, here’s a solution to your weight loss struggles. The ITG Plan will transform the body’s ability to digest sugars properly by regulating insulin levels. It’ll give the pancreas a well deserved break by limiting simple and complex carbohydrates until your weight loss goal is achieved.

The ITG Diet is a 3 step plan to success; Step 1: Weight Loss, Step 2: Transition, Step 3: Success for life. On average*, women lose weight at the rate of 2 to 3 pounds per week, and 4 to 7 pounds per week for men.

This is your day, your time to look great and feel great. Be energized, look vibrant and feel strong.

The staff, instructors, coaches and therapists of Pilates of Amelia are committed to help you find the “real you” the person you remember being.

Come in and meet our Certified Pilates Instructors: Susan Gagnier, Gena Cooley, Janet Burns-Price, and Roz Cowie; our Licensed Massage Therapists with over 25 years combined experience: Minnie Johnson and Sandra McNeil; our Certified Weight Loss Coaches: Susan Gagnier, Gena Cooley, Charlayne Pecoraro, R.N., B.S.N., Medical Director, and Sam Foster; and our support staff Sam Foster, Office Manager and Dianne Lacroix, Receptionist.

Your time is valuable…your life is priceless. Come on in, let’s get started; this is going to work!

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* Average weight loss. Based on ketontic diets.  Actual weight loss may vary.