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What if you could achieve
your goal weight?

With an EASY to follow plan,
and the SUPPORT you need.

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Now you CAN.


Pilates of Amelia Weight Loss

pilates-of-ameliaPilates of Amelia has added the ITG Diet Plan, featuring delicious protein products, to their Pilates fitness program to help you meet your dietary and weight-loss goals.
  • Lose Fat, Not Muscle
  • No Drugs, All Natural
  • Easy 3 Step Plan

Our professional coaches will help you achieve the results you've always wanted! We take the time to walk you through each step of the weight loss process with education, nutritional information, tasty food and a dedicated coach!

We will teach you how to keep the pounds off and enjoy the body shape, health and energy level you deserve!

Each week our dedicated coaches provide weekly support sessions and individualized progress analysis along with nutritional education.

Do something about your health today!

Call us or stop by to meet our team.

We strive to have a studio that is professional and friendly. Amelia Island is our home and we want to treat you like family.  At Pilates of Amelia, when we ask you, "How are you feeling today?" we really want to know.